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DRTV: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

DRTV: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

DRTV: Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersWe at Vistamax understand that investing in your business isn’t something you take lightly. If you are planning your investments in advertising and considering your options, you have likely contemplated Direct Response TV (DRTV). The immediate customer feedback and relatively low cost of DRTV are appealing. However, you may still have questions before determining whether it will be the most effective use of your time and money. We have compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions and answers here to help you in this process.


What is DRTV?

DRTV is a method of advertising used to elicit immediate customer feedback based on a call to action. After viewing a creatively scripted product demonstration or description, customers are urged to call an 800 number, visit a website or send a text to get more information or to start a purchase. You may have heard of this type of advertising referred to as an infomercial, but DRTV is a significantly more elegant solution than stereotypical infomercials from years past.

What is The Difference Between Long and Short Form? Which Should I Use for My Product?

Short-form DRTV will range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in duration, while long-form DRTV is typically 15 to 30 minutes. Deciding which form to use is a balance of cost and time required to demonstrate or showcase the product effectively. Short form may be better suited for quickly introducing a product and piquing a customer’s interest enough to direct them to a brochure or website to gather more information. Long-form, while a more significant investment, allows more time to fully demonstrate a product, tell the company story, and even provide testimonials.

Is DRTV Effective?

While DRTV has evolved significantly over the years, the same concept has been used for decades for a reason. It works. Creating a compelling story with a strong call to action engages customers and converts at a significant rate. Not only will you be able to track customer engagement and sales easily, but you will also be able to excite your customers, tell them your story and directly show them the benefits of your product.

Is My Product a Good Fit For DRTV?

The best products for DRTV can be easily demonstrated to an audience and have broad appeal. Products that address simple, everyday issues that most people face will likely be well-suited to this form of advertising. Additionally, products that are different from other current offerings and may have features or benefits a customer might not easily understand without explanation or demonstration will also likely benefit significantly from a DRTV campaign.

How Much Does DRTV Cost?

In general, DRTV can cost significantly less than traditional advertising models. However, all situations are unique and require our understanding of your audience, specific goals, and budget before a detailed cost can be developed.

Vistamax Can Help

At Vistamax, we can help guide you through the process of both short and long-form DRTV. We will work with you to create a compelling story and call to action that will drive your customers to act. Whether you are looking to launch a new product or grow your brand, we look forward to working with you and making the most of your advertising investment.  Please contact us today for more information.