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DRTV: An Advertising Medium That Continues to Ab Roll Inventors Towards Success

DRTV: An Advertising Medium That Continues to Ab Roll Inventors Towards Success

What do Vince Shlomi, Jack LaLanne, Willie Mays, Suzanne Somers, Anthony Sullivan and Don Brown all have in common? In a word, the answer is DRTV. It’s a powerful, television advertising medium that has been around since the days of Vita-Mix, Swanson TV dinners and beanie caps with propellers. And it seems like despite raking in billions each year, someone is always predicting its demise. So much for the talking heads’ powers of prediction!

The truth is DRTV is not dead, nor will it ever be. Sure, in the future it might morph into something really cool, like a modern day Wonkavision format. But we doubt that people’s demand for in-depth product knowledge or inventors’ collective need to create great stuff will ever really go away.

Heck, nowadays there’s even a crowdfunding site that’s dedicated to helping inventors find the funding needed to create and promote their infomercial products. Can anyone say,” As Seen on TV” and “CrowdFund Television?” The world certainly didn’t have those things when infomercials were a sparkle in William Barnard’s eye. Therefore, because of all those factors, we believe that DRTV, or some suped up form of it, will be with us forever.

At Vistamax Productions, we’ve been helping companies like the producers of Z-Brid golf clubs and Pest OFFense promote their products with DRTV spots for 17 years. And we can do the same for the inventors of today and tomorrow. Our Florida camera crew has no qualms about using our state-of-the-art equipment to shoot infomercials indoors or out. Plus, we have all of the pre and post-production resources needed to create killer DRTV segments too.

To learn more about what our Vistamax team can do for you, please contact us by calling (813) 907-1010. We are based in sunny Tampa, Florida. Our experts may also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.