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What is ‘DRTV’?


Direct response television (DRTV for short) provides an effective way to reach a target market when selling a product or service, or campaigning for a social issue. Typically, this kind of advertising relies on an appeal to consumers to contact the company being advertised, directly (this can be via telephone or a different communication platform). One of the advantages of this kind of advertising is that it increases the ways in which a company can boost sales, by providing consumers with multiple ways to opt in on a special offer.



High Production Values Increase DRTV Success


A commercial which has high production values and is professional in aesthetic will inspire greater confidence in potential product buyers. DRTV success depends on the advertising material having a professional aesthetic and persuasive appeal. Infomercials provide a handy way to furnish potential customers with in-depth information on a product or service, but it is the overall presentation, the professionalism of the advertisement, that will keep a viewer from changing the channel. You can find out more about commercial video production at