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What is DRTV?


Direct response television or DRTV is a method of marketing, called direct response, which uses television advertisements which specifically directs potential customers to contact the company directly by calling a phone number or visiting their corporate website. Direct response television marketing can be conducting using both short and long formats. Short formats are commercials which are two minutes or shorter in length, whereas long formats are any commercials or infomercials longer than two minutes.


DRTV Advertising Campaigns


DRTV commercial advertising often offers special pricing and discounts when potential customers make their purchases directly from the company being featured in the direct response campaign. Consumers who opt to purchase directly from other retail outlets will not receive the same promotions and discounts which were featured on the direct response television advertisement. Businesses looking to create their own direct response television campaign often need the services of an advertising agency, such as Vistamax Productions, Vistamax provides clients of all sizes professional services in the creation of direct response television campaigns while working within the marketing budgets of the clients.