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Don’t let the rain dampen your video production goals, Tampa Bay.

Don’t let the rain dampen your video production goals, Tampa Bay.It’s official; the rains have returned. Your customers flock to the beautiful, sub-tropical climate of the Bay, and you want your video production to incorporate Florida’s natural charm. Be warned, inclement weather plaguing an unprepared production can cost you hundreds of thousands in unexpected expenditures. Your company can be sure this cost will find its way into your bottom line. At Vistamax, we can’t control the climate, but our preparatory weather practices can ensure the rainy season has a minimal impact on your production.

How does the weather affect video production costs?

Regardless of size or scope, the greatest cost of any video production is the actual shoot. Equipment, actors, crew, and insurance costs are all correlated with the number of shoot days. As the number of shoot days increases so does the cost. When inclement weather hits an unprepared production everything stops. Expensive camera and lighting setups are torn down. Actors and crew are put on hold. Costs rise, but production falls. The unpredictable sudden showers of Tampa Bay exacerbates this problem a hundredfold.

How does Vistamax keep costs low?

Our professional production team uses effective scheduling practices to minimize the number of shoot days. We love the Bay as much as you do; we won’t talk you out of an outdoor shoot. Instead, we will take steps to reduce the effect seasonal weather has on your production. The experienced team at Vistamax schedules outdoor locations ahead of interior shots. Since we capture your exterior locations first, we are able to curtail risk contingent on the weather. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, Vistamax moves to an alternative interior location originally scheduled later. This allows production to continue and helps your company avoid costly rain delays plaguing less prepared video studios.

This is just one of the many ways the Vistamax team keeps cost low without sacrificing your creative vision. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to find out more.