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Do You Need a Video Production for Your Florida Business?

Many business owners still haven’t incorporated video productions into their marketing efforts even though the numbers say they should. According to marketing researchers, 90% of online shoppers use videos as the basis of their purchasing decisions. If that’s not reason enough as to why you do need videos for your Florida business, here are four others:

1. Videos Put a Face on Your Band

The written word is still a dominant force, but the visual execution of the scripted word is ultra dynamic marketing windstorm. Consumers get to see the face of your company when they watch videos, and they can establish a certain sense of trust or kinship when they see that face appear. Trust is one of the most crucial elements of business, and it’s what drives people to buy something from one company over another one.

2. Videos Hook Consumers Within Seconds

Many consumers don’t have the time or the energy to read through the text to find what they need. They are impatiently amped and more than willing to desert one option for another if it means that they can get the answers faster. These consumers have an attention span that lasts less than five seconds. Thus, you have to grab their attention in less than three seconds. A video is the only tool that can do that. Our video production Florida experts can create a masterpiece that grabs their hearts before they can even count to three.

3. Videos Can Affect Consumer Moods

If you hire a competent video production company, you can control the moods of the people who watch your videos. You can have the video producer create a project that is geared for laughter, compassion or even a bit of anger if it causes a buying decision. Video is power, and with the right production company, it can put your business on top of the industry.

4. Videos Can Always Go Viral

You’ll always have the potential to go viral if you allow our team to create an award-winning video for you. Viral videos are priceless because they can bring you new business for decades.

Are you still unsure about whether you need a video for your business? Contact us, and let one of our experts show you the secret to unlocking your success.