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Do I need a commercial for my product?

Do I need a commercial for my product?

If you’ve happened upon this blog post because you were unsure how to market or increase sales for your product or service, you’ve come to the right place.

Vistamax is a video production company with a full range of facilities and services to help you make the right decision when advertising your product on television. There is a lot of confusing information out there, and we can help you choose which type of commercial or infomercial suits your product or service best.

In this multi-series of posts, we’ll delve into many questions you may have before you feel ready to contact us and we will answer them.

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is: “Do I even need a commercial for my product?“.

That’s not always an easy question to answer without knowing what type of product you have, or what type of service you’re offering. Vistamax could answer with a blanket “yes”, like any ordinary production company anxious to empty your wallet. But we won’t. How many commercials do you see out there for rubber bands…or shoe laces? Right. Not many. It’s important that your service or product has potential and if you contact us, we’d be happy to walk you through what is undoubtedly a difficult decision to make.

So how do you see your product or service?

You need a product that has potential.

Visualize your product or service on the television screen being introduced by a professional actor or broadcast voice-over. [Check our Portfolio for examples]

Is your product complicated, or too difficult to explain in 60 seconds? Vistamax can meet with you to discuss and distill the finer points of your product so it can be effectively and professionally communicated on television. We want to keep an audience tuned in without getting confused or trigger happy with their remotes.

If you’ve already decided that a commercial is the way you want to market your product or service, you probably need to figure out if a short commercial spot (Branded commercial) which runs 15 or 30 seconds is right for you. You may want a direct response (DRTV) spot the runs 60 or 120 seconds, or may also want the whole package which includes an infomercial that airs for a longer period of time. Vistamax can help you discern what’s best for your product or service.

In our next post, we’ll discuss what type of products are great for infomercials and commercials. Stay tuned!