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Direct vs. Creative Scriptwriting

Direct vs. Creative Scriptwriting for TV Ad Production

Sometimes, TV ads are pretty direct. For example, we’ve all seen some version of the ad in which a girl who is using a certain beauty product tells us how she used to have bad skin and low self-confidence until she started using that product. And then she uses her experience to encourage the viewer to do the same thing.

On the other hand, there are ads which are more creative. Their final aim is the same—to tell the viewer to use a certain product. But the way in which they go about doing this is different.

Creative Scriptwriting for TV Ad Production

Consider this Coke ad from 2012 in which polar bears fall all over each other in order to prevent breaking a bottle of Coke. The ad is undeniably appealing because there’s a certain fuzziness about these polar bears. Plus, the clumsy way in which they fall over each other trying to protect the bottle of Coke makes a person want to laugh.

Did you ever stop to think: why polar bears? Why didn’t they just take a person who enjoyed Coke and get them to relate their experience, like the girl in the beauty ad? The answer, of course, is that that’s already been done many times and it would be incredibly boring for the viewer.

Should You Go with Direct or Creative Scriptwriting?

If you’re producing a TV ad, how do you come up with a creative concept like this one? How do you take something completely unrelated to the product (polar bears) and connect it to the product (Coke)? And should you even try to do this or should you go with the direct approach?

The answer is: it depends. Let’s say that the product is new to the market and people don’t know much about what it contains or how it works. In such cases, the direct approach would be better when you write the script for the ad. On the other hand, if this kind of approach has been used many times and the company that is making the product is trying to shake things up, then a more creative approach would be great.

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