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Direct Response TV: Don’t Try to Gain Brand Building Traction Without It!

Direct Response TV: Don’t Try to Gain Brand Building Traction Without It!

Direct Response TV: Don’t Try to Gain Brand Building Traction Without It!For American businesses, brand building is like breathing. Without it, someone might as well ring the undertaker and cue the funeral dirge. It’s been like that for decades but the way companies go about it has changed dramatically. Sure, it is still crucial to define, differentiate, position, personalize and expose. But people are looking to a wider mix of mediums to help them achieve those goals.

Let’s take online advertising as an example. It has joined standby favorites like direct response TV, print ads and radio in the advertising mix. However, it still has a long way to go before being the proverbial “be all, end all” to today’s marketers. Remember, they read publications like the Journal of Marketing Research. Just last year, it published an article on brand building that supports our take on online advertising.

Bearing that in mind, many marketers continue to seek out our direct response television services as well as our expertise in online content creation. They frequently use both in unison to increase consumers’ share of the mind. Considered the bigger powerhouse, direct response TV helps increase the brand awareness of online viewers, which is organically lackluster.

Conversely, online advertising normally helps build share of the voice and heart in consumer groups prone to respond favorably to DRTV formats. Of course it will impact share of the mind and pocketbook too. Moreover, all branding touch points may be increased when the two mediums are combined with other traditional and avant-garde media as well. Luckily, developing consistent messaging across DRTV and its partner platforms isn’t a challenge.

As a matter of fact, it may be achieved promptly and effectively with direct assistance from our Vistamax® Productions’ brand building experts. We can create DRTV, online and other media messaging that work in unison. To learn more and get those DRTV production efforts started, please contact us 813-907-1010.