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Commercial Producers in Tampa Weigh In on Super Bowl Advertising News

Commercial Producers in Tampa Weigh In on Super Bowl Advertising News

Like most seasoned commercial producers, we like to skim through industry periodicals and keep abreast of the news. Because of that, we just can’t help but weigh in on all of the latest Super Bowl XLVIII news. Just in case the hubbub passed you by, rumor has it that all of the commercial slots for this year’s game are said to be already accounted for. If you ask our commercial producers, that’s pretty darn impressive when you consider that the game is still weeks away.

What’s even more stunning is how much those television advertisers plunked down for a spot at the table. Depending on the source and the slot, price tags fell somewhere within the $3 to $5 million dollar range. So who purchased those high priced slots? According to Ad Age, the list of this year’s top players is expected to include Nestle, General Mills, General Motors, Chobani, Anheuser-Busch InBev and PepsiCo. And that’s just the tip of the pig skin.

Understandably, those who do invest in such high profile, high dollar advertising spots do so with good reason. For starters, it offers advertisers access to a huge and receptive audience right when many are promoting their Q1/Q2 product launches. That, in and of itself, is enough to spur many large companies to buy into the Super Bowl scene. Many also use their Super Bowl commercials as an anchor for general brand awareness campaigns.

Of course in order for any commercial to motivate buyers or increase top of the mind awareness, it must have that often elusive je ne sais quoi. It’s an element that our commercial producers are well familiar with and strive to include in every project.

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