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Commercial Producers and the Important Ability to Tell a Gripping Tale

Commercial Producers and the Important Ability to Tell a Gripping Tale

As our experienced commerical producers can attest, not all tales start out with once upon a time or end with a long-winded happily ever after. Some begin with a bang and end 719 frames thereafter. Others, like DRTV spots may run much longer. So what makes one approach any better than another?

In television commercial production, it all boils down to the storyline, its delivery and the advertisers’ intended audience. Fail on any of those levels and your campaign is likely to be a bust. Thus, the best way to ensure that your television ad doesn’t end up on the bus to bustville is to leave it in the hands of the best storytellers, commercial producers like us.

At Vistamax, we know how to tell a gripping tale with just images, words or sounds at our disposal. As such, we can definitely combine them all into one amazing commercial production too. We’ll start out by helping you find everything that all unforgettable stories have in common.

At this point, you may ask “What do they all have in common?” In our experience, believable characters with compelling back stories are just the start. Those same characters must also have a purpose or a mission that can be carried out in a certain number of frames. The mission can’t be easy to carry out either. Otherwise, watching the commercial is apt to be about as appealing to viewers as road kill or a botched root canal.

Once all of the elements are in place, we’ll weave them into a professional looking tale that you’ll be proud to sign off on and air. To learn more about how we help companies tell their products’ stories in the best ways possible, please contact us at (813) 907-1010. We are based in Tampa and our client list includes top brands like The Walt Disney Company, Anheuser Busch, Microsoft, Sinofresh Healthcare Inc. and Time Warner Cable.