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Coming Up with a Great Concept for TV Ad Production

Coming Up with a Great Concept for TV Ad ProductionMaking a TV ad can be a complex process which involves writing a script, finding a location, hiring actors and videographers, shooting the commercial and editing it. Given that the process of making a TV ad is a long one, it makes sense to be sure that the ad is going to be a successful one. And in order to do this, you should make sure that the concept behind the ad is a good one.

The Promises Made by Traditional Advertising

Many ads promise the viewer, in one way or another, that they’re going to be more successful if they use that product or service. Maybe they subtly suggest that they’re going to have more money. Or they may openly suggest that the product will make the user more beautiful in some way. Or they may indicate that using the product will somehow make you more successful with the opposite sex. These are the kinds of things that traditional ads have promised their viewers.

Coming Up with a Unique Concept for Your Ad

There are also other types of things that people are looking for in their lives—things which can be used to good effect when you’re coming up with an ad. For example, do you really want to make another ad promising your viewers that they’re going to look beautiful and more attractive to the opposite sex if they come to your gym? After all, there are many other reasons why a person might want to go to the gym. They might want to be healthier. They might want to lengthen their life. They might want more energy to spend time with their loved ones etc.

It’s always useful to have a unique perspective on why people should use your product or service. It helps to set you apart from other people in your field.

L’Oreal’s Unique Concept “Because I’m Worth It”

This is how a writer working for L’Oreal came up with the slogan, “Because I’m worth it.” Previous writers had all emphasized how women would be more attractive to men if they used L’Oreal hair dye. But this writer got tired of the idea of pleasing men and decided to go with a more liberating message. The result, as you must know, is that this continues to be L’Oreal’s slogan till date, with a great degree of success.

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