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Businesses May Capitalize on Television Advertising Trends with Vistamax

Businesses May Capitalize on Television Advertising Trends with Vistamax

Having been immersed in the television advertising industry for years, we like to make it a point to stay on top of trends. After all, in our industry things certainly have a way of changing rapidly. So today, we wanted to briefly discuss a few of those television advertising trends and how our Vistamax team can help people capitalize on them:

For those of you that may be too young to remember, there was a time in television advertising where companies would engage in what was known as “spray and pray” tactics. Essentially, it involved showering an area with television ads as if the firm were Johnny Appleseed trekking through the Appalachians. The goal was to hopefully reach as many eyeballs as possible.

Today, television advertisers are using a fine-tuned laser beam approach instead. It allows them to target individual households at precise times. One pioneer in that field is DirecTV. The medium that they are using to achieve such targeting capabilities is digital. And that is something that we here at Vistamax are very well versed in.

We have the skills and equipment needed to help firms create digital television ads designed to resonate with their targeted audiences. It doesn’t matter whether they want infomercials, 30 or 60 second spots either. At Vistamax, our talented Florida based team can do it all.

Two other trends taking place in the television industry are a leveling of the online playing field and a push towards better analytics. Let’s look at the leveling of the field first. At one time, major networks were consistently being given better ad split deals from online companies. Nowadays, everyone has a fighting chance to secure a decent ad split with online providers. So that’s opening up a cavalcade of options for small to mid-size companies that wish to expand their advertising efforts.

As far as analytics go, they are increasing becoming more comprehensive, relevant and usable. Because of that, television advertisers can take a bifurcation approach when it comes to crafting campaigns. For example, television advertisers could create two sets of commercials for the same product. One set could be sent to the homes of those that use the product heavily. The other set could be transmitted to those that consume the product on an infrequent basis.

In those previously mentioned situations, our Vistamax team can work with firms to develop a series of affordable television ads that can also be used online. To learn more about our television advertising services and the industry’s emerging trends, please contact us at (813) 907-1010.