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Business Video Production Combines Storytelling with Documentary-Style Movie Features

Business Video Production Combines Storytelling with Documentary-Style Movie FeaturesThe human attention span is decreasing. Capturing the interest of a viewer has to happen within the first 15 seconds. Storytelling in the form of a documentary-style movie makes this possible. Business video production experts now routinely work with commercial clients who want to turn standard advertisements into something much more.

The Advantages of Documentaries as Marketing Tools

Consumers thrive on information. They want quick nuggets that answer questions they might not have thought to ask. The more compelling the documentary, the more likely it is to be shared online. Going viral is a genuine possibility.

Going from 30 Seconds to 15 Minutes

Thirty seconds is the time that you would allot to a television commercial. However, 15 minutes is a good time frame to create an emotional stimulus. Experts in the field of business video production combine a script with the dramatic presentation that brings it to life. Choose then-and-now comparisons, user vignettes, and testimonials to underscore your message.

Watching videos is quickly becoming a favorite pastime of online visitors. Sure, they still read blog content and take in photos. However, videos are among the most commonly shared posts on social media. While many brands now introduce short movies into their online content libraries, the documentary adds reliability. It positions your brand as a thought leader and expert in the field.

Standing out in the Right Ways

Expert business video production is not something you can typically create in-house. Considering that it involves script writing, storyline creation, fact-checking, and talent scouting, it is best to entrust professionals with this task. Moreover, they can ensure that your documentary does not look like so many others in your niche.

For example, some documentaries end with a clever cliffhanger that has viewers talking. Others tie into a social media marketing campaign. In fact, learn more about your options today by contacting Vistamax now.