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Business Video Production Focuses on Brand Building during Pre-Production

Business Video Production Focuses on Brand Building during Pre-ProductionYour brand message connects the consumer with your business. It is a connection that helps to make a buying decision. During the pre-production phase of business video production, experts in the field ensure that your message comes through loud and clear. Here is how it works.

Inspire Your Audience to Do … What?

Sure, you want the consumer to buy your product or service. However, your business video is more than a buy-me setup. What do you want the audience to do after watching it? During pre-production, the creation of a creative concept ensures that the audience follows the lead of the video. It creates a storyline that combines with compelling visuals.

Even Short Videos Need a Script

Script-writing is not optional. Whether you feature your CEO or rely on the experts to find local talent for appearing in front of the camera, the output must be believable. That said, you do not want it to sound like someone is reading a script or making it up on the fly. An excellent scriptwriter prepares a monolog or dialog that seems genuine and encapsulates your brand message.

Logistics and Project Management are a Part of Business Video Production

Filming a testimonial about a no-fail trout bait on location at the local lake will be different from putting together a Q&A session with the CEO of a financial services company. There are location-specific logistics that experts have to work out. Examples include the transportation of equipment and the use of the right lighting for the job.

It is a part of pre-production planning to ensure that your brand looks excellent on the video. For example, shooting the lake scene in the heat of the day will cause your brand to lose credibility with actual anglers who know that nobody goes fishing at that time. Do you want to work with an agency that pays this much attention to the details? Vistamax makes it possible. Contact us today to learn more!