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Audio Post Production in Tampa: Why is it so Important?

Audio Post Production in Tampa: Why is it so Important?

As post production pros in Tampa, we often field questions from new marketing directors. Many times, they want to know whether or not their corporate video’s audio may be improved post production. The short answer is “yes, the audio can be cleaned up in post.”

Audio post production typically involves a variety of steps. For instance, dialogue experts will examine the corporate video to ensure that everything is in sync with the actors or actresses’ mouth movements. They’ll also work towards getting rid of extraneous white noise and flubbed lines. Sometimes the flubbed lines may be resolved by using automated dialogue replacement. The replacement process generally starts with a trip to the recording studio.

Cleaning up the dialogue and background noise isn’t all that takes place during audio post production in Tampa. Sound effects designers and editors also get in on the act. They’ll add and perfect items like hard effects and background noises. At this point, the foley team will usually chime in too. They are responsible for adding sounds like the actors or actresses’ footsteps and making sure that they are in sync with everything else.

Depending on the corporate video’s contents, additional people may also become heavily involved in audio post production. Among them are music composers, musicians, music editors and dubbing pros. Of course not all corporate videos require such extensive audio post production services. It really all boils down to what message a firm is trying to relay to its customers and whether or not care was taken during the production process.

Ideally, thoughts about audio should begin in the pre-production process and remain at the top of the Florida video crews’ minds throughout the entire process. In doing so, there is less chance that audio post production will drag on for weeks. To gain additional knowledge about post production in Tampa and how it may help improve video quality, please contact us by calling (813) 907-1010.