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Animated TV Commercials That Pack a Punch

Animated TV Commercials That Pack a Punch

Animated TV Commercials That Pack a PunchThrough our work here at Vistamax, we’ve discovered the fundamentals of audience engagement with 2D and 3D animated commercials. Looking at recent studies as well as the results we deliver to clients, our talented design team can help you meet your specific goals, whether you’re looking to advertise over Facebook, YouTube or TV.

The Sweet Spot

When it comes to effective TV commercials, studies show that audience engagement must happen immediately. You have eight seconds to make an impression, but that doesn’t mean your job is done. The length of your ad depends on the type of animation you’re using. The sweet spot for 2D animated TV commercials is 30 seconds, while 3D commercials connect best with your audience at a length of one or two minutes.

The Best of the Best

With 89 percent of businesses using video to increase sales and build their brands, people commonly ask which animation style is best. As frustrating as the answer may be, it comes down to the project and budget.

Both 2D and 3D animated commercials do an outstanding job of capturing an audience’s attention and guiding them through specific actions. High-quality animations stay on a consumer’s mind long after the commercial is over.

Because 2D animation is the most common format for animated commercials, it doesn’t always perform as well as 3D. However, it is faster and generally more affordable to produce.

Finding the right production team makes all the difference. Poorly produced 3D projects will get blown out of the water by expertly designed 2D animation any day. Be sure you’re working with professionals who have access to the latest resources. For clients in Tampa, Florida, and around the country, Vistamax creates effective, affordable animated commercials customized to your needs.

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