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A quick guide to effective television advertising

A quick guide to effective television advertising

Television advertisingA quick guide to effective television advertising can play a vital role in the success of a business. To do so, though, it’s important that the ad have impact and persuasion. After all, your TV commercial is word-of-mouth where you control the message and the obvious goal is to persuade the consumer to buy from you. This can only happen if you’re able to impact them during their buying cycle.

Before production can begin on your new TV commercial, you have to answer a few questions.

  1. What is it you’re advertising? Is it a sale on men’s slacks or that you now stock the new line of outdoor furniture? Whatever it is, drill down to the core message. Too often we see where a business owner creates a TV commercial with so much content that the consumer comes away with nothing. They need to know who you are, where you are and why they need to buy from you. In other words, don’t be everything to everyone.
  2. Establish your branding. This starts with your logo and can include your slogan or catchphrase, a consistent look or feel of the ad, and clean placement of how people can find you (Call today, visit us online, shop our store on Main Street, etc.).
  3. Who is your customer? Be logical about this and don’t assume who they are. Do your research before coming to a conclusion. Is your customer a 35-year-old woman with two children, a husband, a career, $150,000 annual income, and drives a Camry? Knowing this is important when designing a commercial that appeals to your customer.
  4. Finally, be flexible. Your commercial isn’t based on what you like. It must be based on what your customers like. Remember, we’re trying to persuade them to buy from you.

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