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A 7-Step TV Commercial Production Checklist for Your Business

A 7-Step TV Commercial Production Checklist for Your Business

A 7-Step TV Commercial Production Checklist for Your BusinessMaybe you’ve never made a TV commercial for your business before. Or maybe you think it’s time to shake things up and produce something a little different. Either way, you’ll have to keep in mind that putting together a TV commercial is a somewhat complicated business. Even though a TV commercial is relatively short, a lot of work goes into it. Here are some of the things you’ll have to think about:

  1. Research: Before you even start shooting your TV commercial, you might want to do some research into what your competitors are doing and what your target audience is likely to respond to.
  2. Concept: What’s the concept of your TV commercial going to be? This depends on your product brand, your company image and your current marketing campaign because the concept has to fit in with all three.
  3. Script: You’ll need to get a professional writer to write a script for your commercial. It will need to be short but eye-catching—something which grabs your viewer and doesn’t let go.
  4. Actors/Models: You’ll need actors or models to feature in your TV commercial. Be sure to pick actors whom you think your target audience will be able to relate to.
  5. Production Team: You’ll need a camera person, a lighting person, a sound person, a director, and possibly even more crew members to put together your TV commercial.
  6. Location: You’ll need to find the ideal location to shoot your TV commercial. A great location can add another aesthetic dimension to your commercial and make it that much more eye-catching.
  7. Post-Production: After the commercial has been shot, you’ll still need to edit it, add background music, do a voiceover or include some special effects, all of which your post-production team will be able to help you with.

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