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7 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Customer Testimonial Video

7 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Customer Testimonial Video

7 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Customer Testimonial VideoVideo testimonials about your business and your products have the power to attract new customers and make it easier for them to decide to call on you. But how do you make the perfect customer testimonial video from all points of view? This article shows you the 7 steps to achieve the ideal customer testimonial video that potential customers will favor the most.

Step 1: Prepare the right questions

Think ahead to what you want your customer to say about you. Should he or she discuss their collaboration with you? Talk about the unique service you reserve for them? Evoke the added value of your specialists? All of these points should be covered in your video. However, limit the number of themes per video.

Step 2: Interview your client beforehand

Prepare for the video interview with the interviewee. Go through the questions together, help the customer to match their answers to the central message. Point out some interesting anecdotes.

Step 3: Choose the location and the setting

Where you shoot your video has an impact on your branding. Are you going to choose residential, futuristic, or outdoor decor? If you are filming at your client’s house, you may immediately benefit from a stronger sense of trust in the minds of your viewers.

Step 4: Hire a professional cameraman

A professional cameraman with a thorough understanding of the video production process does more than just hold the camera. He or she finds the perfect spot, provides quality lighting, adjusts the sound, and edits the film. So invest in a qualified professional, whose previous achievements confirms their ability to get the job done right!

Step 5: Pay attention to spontaneity

People want to see other people. So infuse a healthy dose of spontaneity into your customer story. Dare, for example, to leave prepared questions. Ask an additional question. Make the interviewee smile and let them express themselves freely.

Step 6: Use your company colors and logo

Reinforce the connection with your business by using your colors, font, and logo in the video. The best places to show your identity is at the beginning and end of the video, but also the captions and animation.

Step 7: Edit a video of maximum 2.5 minutes

After production is complete, you and your video production company will do the editing afterwards. Cut out what doesn’t match your vision, select the best, and go for a format that best celebrates your customer. Edit a video of maximum 2.5 minutes. Your viewers and new customers might even prefer a film under a minute.

Still not sure how to make your first customer testimonial video? Thanks to the 7 steps presented in this article, you will certainly be in a better position to create the ideal testimonial video! However, if you still need professional advice and support on how to get started, contact our video production professionals at Vistamax in Tampa Bay, Florida. We have over two decades of experience in assisting national and international clients with creating high-quality videos to promote and grow their business!