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5 Tips to Make a Dry Business Video Interesting

5 Tips to Make a Dry Business Video Interesting

5 Tips to Make a Dry Business Video InterestingJust because you’re making a video for business purposes doesn’t mean that it has to be dry and boring. We’ve all sat through interminable training videos and seen boring business videos on social media. These videos don’t capture our attention for very long. And when the viewer loses interest in the video, the video is not performing its function. So it’s necessary to try and make business videos as interesting as possible if you want them to appeal to employees, clients and potential clients. Here are a few tips:

  1. Enthusiasm: If you’ve got a presenter presenting some material in a video, then you need to make sure that that person is enthusiastic about that material. If the person who is doing the presentation is themselves unenthusiastic, then you can’t really expect the person viewing the video to get enraptured by it!
  2. Location: Even when it comes to business videos, the location in which you film the video is important. It’s best if the location is bright and has a lot of natural light. For example, the presenter can be seated at a desk with a window/view behind them. Or if this is not possible, then at least there should be a light-colored wall and maybe some colorful paintings/knickknacks around.
  3. Storytelling: Everyone is entranced by a story. People read stories just for fun, even when they don’t have to! So it makes sense to use storytelling even in business videos. Use anecdotes where you can. Tell the story of your company. Or create a video in the form of a story, with actors playing their parts. Your audience is sure to get interested if you feel that the story is worth telling.
  4. Keep it Short: Think about exactly how much detail you need to put in the video. If putting a lot of detail is really unavoidable, then go ahead and put it in. But if there are parts that you feel you can cut out without taking away from the gist of the video, then cut them out. In this day and age, most viewers have a very short attention span.
  5. Break it Up: If you can’t keep the video short, then another possibility is breaking it up into shorter videos that the viewer can come back to as and when needed. This prevents the viewer from having to consume too much information at one go. They can watch a short 10-minute video, then come back for another 10-minute video later in the day and so on, until they have finished the entire 60 minutes (or however long your video would be without being broken up into shorter pieces.)

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