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5 Tips for Creating Videos to Promote Your Event

5 Tips for Creating Videos to Promote Your EventA great way to promote your company is by creating an ad that showcases a recent event you had, whether it was a business conference, a motivational speech, or any other kind of convention. If you have an annual convention, you can promote it by showcasing last year’s event. Here are some tips for taking videos at your event for your ad.

Focus On the Story

What’s the story you want to convey in your ad? What is the message that you want your viewers to take away? What are your goals and what do you want to accomplish with your event? When creating your ad, focus on what you think most exemplifies your event.

Keep It Uncluttered

You don’t want an ad that has so many distractions it is hard to figure out what is going on. Shoot your video when things are calm and directed, not when or where there is chaos or lots of people aimlessly milling around.

Pay Attention to the Noise Level

Remember to pay attention to the sound level when shooting your video. If there is too much noise, it will be distracting and it will be hard to hear the video narrative.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Another thing to pay attention to is the lighting. Make sure that you install high-quality bright lighting at your event, or at least at the places you plan on shooting.

Shoot More Than You Need

Take several video shots of everything so that you can choose the one that comes out the best. Don’t be afraid to shoot more things than you need or plan on using in your ad; when you watch the footage, you may just find something worthwhile to include in your ad.

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