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5 Reasons to Focus on Business Video Production in 2015

5 Reasons to Focus on Business Video Production in 2015

5 Reasons to Focus onNow that the new calendar year has begun, what is your company going to do differently? If you’re not sure, we’d like to suggest that you focus on the firm’s business video production efforts. Here are five sound reasons why you should:

1) Remember the 80% Rule

Do you remember learning about the 80% rule in business school? It is based on the fact that people are 80% more likely to remember something that involves both audio and visual stimuli. Understandably, business video production can deliver both of those things in some of the most creative ways imaginable.

2) It Drives Foot and Web Traffic

Business videos do more than just educate, entertain and pull people into brick-and-mortar stores. With the right video SEM, it can drive traffic to a company’s website and keep them on landing pages longer too. But don’t just take our word as gospel, check out the statistics. They consistently show that the majority of internet traffic in our country is spurred on by videos. Of course not all of those videos are of the business variety but they do play a role in beefing up the numbers.

3) People Prefer Them Over Other Media

While we are on the subject of marketing statistics, over the years many have pointed out that people love business videos more than many other forms of communication. And who could blame consumers for preferring to receive a company’s message in the form of a video presentation? With today’s technology, they can be very mobile, creative, concise, informative and engaging.

4) They Help with Conversions and Generate Buzz

On top of that, well-executed videos have the ability to increase conversions and social media buzz. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling tangible or intangible widgets. Business videos just have a knack for compelling consumers to act in one way or another. So can you really afford to miss out on one of the best sales and social media buzz tools there is?

5) You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

Finally, you don’t have to be an expert in order to own a killer business video. All you need is a vetted, business video production company that’s willing to do all of the hard work for you. Then you can take the finished video and turn it over to your company’s marketing gurus. How incredibly easy is that? To learn more about the power of business video production and why you should focus on harnessing it in FY 2015, please contact us at Vistamax® Productions 813-907-1010.