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5 Direct Response TV Missteps Guaranteed to Sideline Success

5 Direct Response TV Missteps Guaranteed to Sideline Success

Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses are striving to do more with less staff. In the process, essential marketing tasks, like creating and executing direct response tv campaigns, are being passed off to inexperienced individuals. So in light of that situation, we wanted to share five direct response TV missteps that all marketing rookies should seek to avoid:

1.) Hiring Family, Co-Workers and Friends as Talent

First, just because your uncle Howie and that cute woman from the cubicle down the hall have always wanted to be on television doesn’t mean that you should include them in your direct response TV campaign. It is, by far, best to hire experienced talent instead.

2.) Hiring Amateur or Wanna-Be Script Writers

The same may be said about script writers. Skip the amateurs and go for the ones that have verifiable writing skills and proven track records. Otherwise, you may end up with far less than you bargained for.

3.) Mistaking Eyeballs for Exceptional Success

Third, don’t mistake the number of people that watched your direct response TV campaign as a sign of success. Use dollars and cents measurements like CPO, CPR and ROI in its place. After all, isn’t your company’s overriding goal to remain profitable in the face of stiff competition?

4.) Buying the Wrong Time Slots/Media Outlets

Fourth, remember to choose time slots and media outlets with the utmost of care. Failure to do so will likely put your direct response TV ads in front of uninterested buyers and or cost you extra advertising fees in the long run.

5.) Skipping the Vanity Phone Number or Text Code

Fifth, don’t skimp on the contact information. Choose an undeniably memorably, vanity phone number or text message code. That way, viewers are more apt to remember it after your direct response TV ad ends.

Those are just five missteps to avoid. To learn more about the other dos and don’ts of direct response TV, please contact us at Vistamax Productions today. Our direct response TV experts may be reached online or by calling (813) 907-1010.