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Tampa Video Production: 4 Ways to Fix the Shot in Post Production

Tampa Video Production: 4 Ways to Fix the Shot in Post ProductionEven the most talented production teams know that sometimes, just when you think you’ve shot the perfect footage, tweaks will need to be made in editing. Our post production team can turn the footage into magic. Today we’ll highlight four enhancements that can be made on the editing block, to make sure your video is perfect.


The framing of the shot may have seemed spot-on upon initial production. But, in post, maybe the shot isn’t appropriately centered or appears marginally tilted. With a few digital framing tools, this is a simple fix to execute.


Under or overexposure can mean contrast, brightness, or shadowing could be lacking. In the moment, the shot may have appeared to have proper exposure. But in the editing room, a video can be enhanced to remove a shadow or adjust brightness. We have a host of assets that allow us to make minor and major adjustments, to optimize the images overall.


Audio issues can be tricky. Maybe there’s background noise in one of the original shots or a distraction that needs to be removed. In some cases, useful audio plug-ins and tools can be used to heal certain audio flaws.

Removing Features

It’s happened on occasion. Something is in the background of your perfect shot, that went unnoticed during the original shoot. Maybe it’s an unpleasant vehicle parked outside or a logo on a staff member’s tee shirt that needs to go. Most minor and even some major, elements of the video can be removed in post production.

Not everything can be fixed in post production, but it’s good to know that some elements can be enhanced to ensure the best final cut. If it can’t be remedied, it’s best to partner with a company that isn’t afraid to reshoot if necessary. To learn more about our post production capabilities, or to learn more about producing a video for your company, contact us!