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4 Tips for Getting a Better ROI From Television Advertising

4 Tips for Getting a Better ROI From Television Advertising

4 Tips for Getting a Better ROI From Television AdvertisingDirect response TV remains one of the most powerful forms of offline marketing. It allows you to build a brand and communicate directly with consumers about your product and its benefits. Following are four tips for improving your DRTV campaigns’ ROI.

Spy On Your Competition

If you want to improve your own ads, you need to take a look at what your competitors are doing. This will help you figure out which strategies are working. While you obviously can not copy their ads, you can learn from their campaigns and adapt your own strategy accordingly. Creating better ads than your competitors will enable you to improve your conversion rates, increase your ROI, and negotiate better advertising rates.

Negotiate Your Rates

If you want to increase your ROI and lower your marketing expenses, always negotiate your rates. Don’t blindly accept the rates that TV show managers offer you. Offer a lower rate, and many times they will accept it. In reality, the rates you can get will depend on how established they are and how many offers they are getting.

Ask for Bonuses

It’s important to establish relationships with channels and TV shows you advertise on. If you develop a long term working relationship with them, ask if you can get any bonuses. This might mean discounted rates or extra ad time. However, there are many other bonuses that you may be able to get. For example, if they advertise their show on the internet, in newspapers and magazines or on billboards, they may be willing to include a small line that says something along the lines of “This Show Is Brought to You by X Company.”

Always Test

You should be split-testing different ads to see which ones perform better. Make sure you are tracking your results from each ad. Sometimes, a simple change, such as a different opener or marketing slogan, can make a big change in your conversion rates.

A well-crafted ad is crucial for a good ROI. Contact us today for help.