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4 Things You Can Use DRTV Ads For

Are you using direct response television ads? DRTV can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, and their benefits are not limited to selling more products. Following are four ways you can use DRTV.


If you are looking to hire new talent for your firm or business, you can use DRTV to find the best candidates. A high-quality candidate will help your business grow and bring in more profits and revenue. Spending money on finding the right candidate will be worth it in the long run.


If you operate a nonprofit, you can use direct response television to raise money for your cause. Of course, you will have to know how to create high converting ads so that you raise more money than you are spending.

Upsells and Memberships

You can create DRTV campaigns that are targeted at existing clients. Many businesses make most of their profits from upsells, returning customers, and membership clubs. Using DRTV ads to target customers who already have a relationship with you can pay off.

Referrals and Reward Programs

Another way you can use DRTV is to get people to refer family members and friends, even if they themselves are not customers of yours. Offer rewards for those who refer a friend as a way to bring in more customers and sales. DRTV can also be used to promote your loyalty or rewards program.

Anyone who tells you that DRTV advertising is dead is absolutely wrong. A study showed that 94 percent of video advertising time in the UK was on live TV. In the US, Americans spend an average of 156 minutes on weekdays and 201 minutes on weekend days watching TV, with television watching far exceeding any other leisure activity.

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