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4 Television Advertising Ideas for the Holidays

4 Television Advertising Ideas for the Holidays

4 Television Advertising Ideas for the HolidaysAdvertising your business is a year-round venture. You know the importance of top-notch video production to crafting the best commercials for results. What you may not realize, you can tap into television with holiday flare. Here are four television ad ideas to help get your brainstorming process started this season.

Promote Seasonal Sales & Discounts

Depending on your business offering, you might consider creating ads promoting year-end sales and discounts. Consumers are moving into their heavy buying season. Take advantage of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ spending. Produce television videos with specific savings and promotions to maximize your efforts.

Charitable Contributions & Community Support

The holidays are a time of giving. Many Florida area businesses contribute to local charities and offer community support to favorite causes. Creating a series of television ads showcasing such efforts helps build trust and reinforces brand positioning.

Showcasing Staff & Teams

Consider creating videos to show appreciation for your employees and staff. The holidays are often an ideal time to give thanks to customers for their loyal support, as well. Craft holiday-themed ads, offering well-wishes, seasons greetings, and thoughtful appreciation.

Holiday-Driven Campaigns

If you have plans for other marketing platforms this holiday season, leverage those efforts with television ads in the same vein. For example, let’s imagine you’re in the retail business and have an ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ campaign running. You might even offer a drawing to win a gift certificate to your store. To be eligible, you are asking people to tag your business in their pictures with their favorite ugly, holiday-themed sweaters. To gain maximum exposure and increase your campaign’s reach and frequency, launch television ads to promote the drawing as well. Drive online traffic and create buzz, with all the feels, and maybe even create an ongoing ‘sweater’ tradition.

Make the most of your television advertising this holiday season. Get creative and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. For more suggestions to creating your best holiday commercials, contact us!