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4 More Tips for Writing the Perfect Video Ad Script

Having a good script is essential if you want your television ads to convert. A good script is just as important as good production quality. Here are some more tips for video ad script writing.

Tell a Story

People relate to an ad because they feel a connection to the story that is conveyed in it and the emotions that the story makes them feel. When there is a story in an ad that makes people laugh, smile, cry or sad, they will pay more attention and feel an emotional connection.

Use Stats

While you want to tell a story and not stick to plain dry stats, using stats, charts, graphs, and other visuals are a great way to bring a point home. If you want to make a statement about a certain problem, using a statistic along with a visual has a shock effect that will cause people’s ears to perk up and their minds to pay attention.

Use a Call to Action

It’s extremely important to have a call to action in every ad you run, whether it is an online ad on Facebook or a television ad. Obviously, you can’t have a “click here” on a television ad. What you can have is something that is easy to do, such as going to an easy-to-remember URL, texting an easy-to-remember five-digit text number, or following you at your easy-to-remember social media handle.

Add Urgency

If you want people to follow through on your call-to-action, use urgency to get them to do it. A great way to accomplish this is by giving away a discount or freebie to the first 100 (or any other number) of people who go to the URL, call, or text.

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