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3 Ways to use Video in Business Digital Marketing

3 Ways to use Video in Business Digital MarketingBusinesses that take advantage of digital marketing surpass their competitors in reaching potential customers. With all the millions of people accessing the internet every day, it’s obvious that using digital tools will bolster your company presence. Videos are an increasingly important part of the digital marketing strategy. Videos accomplish more with less than traditional advertising. A few minutes of video can take a business’s message straight to the point. Whereas, print media may take twice the amount. So, just how can businesses make the best of video marketing? Here are 3 ways you can utilize small business videos to give your brand a boost.


Nothing speaks louder than a happy customer does in a video. Reviews have their place, but video brings the words to life. When delighted customers share their experience with your company through a video, it affects your prospects. Delivering the best video testimonials is a crucial part of the strategy. You want persuasive and believable individuals to tell their story.

Show and tell

Videos provide a great medium to show and tell what your company does. You can highlight employees doing certain tasks, show your product working, or introduce your office and staff. You can highlight the best of what your company does and show it to the world. A professional production gives credibility to the video also.


Videos are a way to enhance your branding image. Your business personality shines through in the video. By making your content consistent in theme, color scheme, and message, you build your brand image. As people continue to see a consistency across all platforms, they recognize your brand more readily thus boosting your image.

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