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3 Types of Videos to Add to Your Business Website Today

Video marketing techniques are accelerating at a rapid pace. Don’t be left behind as video takes on a more pronounced popularity. You can start by creating and adding the following three types of videos to your website.

Tell the Story Behind Your Company

There’s something unique behind every new company, product or service. What problem did you want to resolve? What solution are you providing? What do you want to share with the world, and why? In today’s climate, the why is essential to keeping you focused, and also to share. Find a way to creatively express your why in a video to add to your website. This forms a connection between you, your company, your product or service, and the customer or client.

Add Explainer Videos to Your Homepage

An under-utilized marketing technique is the explainer video, best suited for your homepage. An explainer video is a clear yet entertaining depiction of how to use your product or service. Studies have shown that those who watch an explainer video about a service or product went on to make a purchase. The focus here needs to be on explaining clearly, as viewers are put off by videos that create more questions than answers.

Share Live Event Videos

Show that you and your company are active in some way beyond sales. Be interesting. Whether it be concerts you sponsor or put on yourselves, benefits or charities you participate in, or team building activities such as the Mud Run. Whatever it is, there is a creative, entertaining way to share it with your customers, clients, and prospects.

Making these three types of videos shareable through emails and social media will also drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, your product or service.

Vistamax is here to help you create these shareable business videos for your website. Define your why, and we will help create the story to deliver in your video. Layout the process for your product or service, and we will help you explain it clearly. Schedule that live event, and we’ll do the rest. Our professional, creative teams here at Vistamax are ready today to help you showcase who you are and all you have to offer.