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3 Tips to Make Your Business Video More Interesting

3 Tips to Make Your Business Video More InterestingThe one problem with business videos tends to be that they’re not very interesting. When you drag your employees away from all the work they have to finish for a compulsory training, the least you can do is make it a bit more fun. Or else your employees will constantly be thinking about everything that’s waiting for them at their desks; they’ll resent having to take the time out to watch this video. So here are a few tips to make a business video more interesting:

  1. Get a Good Speaker: This is the single best thing you can do in order to make your video more interesting. Get a speaker who knows how to engage their audience. Get someone who tells jokes and stories, someone who isn’t afraid of sharing their own experiences. If you can find someone like this, then half the work is done.
  2. Intersperse Photos and Videos: It’s best if your camera is not constantly focused on the speaker. Yes, they may continue to speak in the background, but you can also illustrate what they’re saying with photos and videos. If you don’t want to shoot these separately, there are a number of places on the internet which will now give you free photos and videos such as
  3. Keep Your Photos and Videos Relatable: It’s not much use if you just keep putting in pictures of pie charts and graphs. Sure, these might help your speaker to illustrate a point. But what people really like to look at are pictures of people doing everyday things such as taking a walk, cooking, playing with kids, going on a date etc. So if you can weave any of these everyday images into your business video, that will make it more interesting. If the video is strictly about business-related things, then you can use photos or videos of people at work; just make sure they are smiling, shaking hands or looking positive in some way.

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