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3 Super Tips for Business Video Productions

3 Super Tips for Business Video ProductionsDid you know that approximately 300 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube? In addition, there are almost 5 billion videos watched on YouTube a day. This doesn’t take into account all the many billions of videos uploaded on different platforms including business websites. People are inundated with content online every day. With all the many videos out there, businesses need to ensure their video content is superb. Just how can businesses make their videos stand out amongst the sea of others? Here are 3 tips to use as a guide.

Short and Sweet

As a general rule, you want your business video productions to be short and to the point. The attention span of most people is short so you don’t want to lose your audience with something too lengthy. You can do several short videos to create a series about one topic if you feel that one video won’t cover the material adequately. In addition, you could have a brief informational video with a link for a longer one if people want more depth.

Crisp and Clear

When potential customers are trying to decide which company they trust and want to patronize, a video often times can sell the product. Or it can certainly turn a customer away. Have you ever clicked on a website video only to discover it was grainy, shadowy, and had a homemade look to it? If the pictures are not crisp and clear, it can quickly turn a potential lead away. If someone is deciding between two different companies and one has poor video quality, it leaves the person with the impression that the company is not professional.

Relevant and Relatable

Finally, you want your business video production to be relevant for to your company and relatable to those who watch it. One video can’t fulfill all your goals. In other words, decide what you want to accomplish with the video. Is it supposed to introduce your company, explain your product, sell your ideas, or provide information about your industry? Once you know your goal, then make sure the video is relevant.

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