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Your Brand: More Than Just A Commercial

Your Brand: More Than Just A CommercialWith the advent of technology, almost any high school (or even middle school) kid can pick up a smartphone, snap a video, edit it and post it. There are tons of free tools available to do amateur videos aimed at marketing something or other.

But there is a big difference between YouTube videos that tout the reasons why your brand is important and people should “buy now, while things are hot!” and a professional quality video that is targeted directly at your consumers.

Here are four things those high school kids probably are not aware of.


Branding is something you already know about. You know it is important but do you know how to make your brand stand out in an effective advertisement?

Proper Market

You probably know who your market is, but do you know how to reach them specifically?

Proper Timing

It is important to be sure you know the correct time to market to that specific audience. Stay-at-home moms are not the only ones who see daytime advertisements. In fact, experts say children begin brand-recognition as early as two years old. Do you know when the best time is for your professional commercial to air? Do you know how to utilize time-use statistics to leverage certain market elements?

Market Trends

Market trends are those things that are appealing to the masses at any given point. These trends change frequently and can sometimes be fleeting – especially in our digital age.

No matter what your product or service is, having a professionally done commercial or advertisement can increase your sales by up to five percent initially. But the long-term boost in your brand recognition is more what the investment is about.

Having people who know these four things and can put them together creatively and professionally, will help get your product exposed and out there to the right audience.

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