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TV Commercial Production 101: Don’t Forget About Diginets

TV Commercial Production 101: Don’t Forget About Diginets

TV Commercial Production in Tampa FloridaThere use to be a time when television commercial production involved nothing more than basic ads meant for local broadcast media. Today, advertisers have to be prepared to utilize much more than that, including diginets. That said, what follows is a quick rundown on diginets for newbies:

By all accounts, diginets didn’t burst onto the TV commercial production scene until the early 2000s. They are essentially digital subchannels that are designed to be a target marketers’ dream. So newbies can count on the subchannels to deliver highly specific information to niche markets at an affordable price.

Take This TV and MeTV as examples. They are both movie subchannels that work through local broadcasters to provide free entertainment to areas like Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. In between the movies and standard commercial breaks, the subchannels also show DRTV or infomercial programming. At this time, they are two of the most watched diginets in America.

Of course they are not the only ones in operation today. The list of additional diginets that new advertisers may want to consider includes, but is not restricted to the following:

  • Live Well Network and Cozi TV
  • America ONE and Pegasus TV
  • Antenna TV and Retro TV
  • Bounce TV and Exitos TV
  • Biz TV and The Cool TV
  • My Family TV and PBJ
  • Ion Life and Tuff TV

Advertising buys for diginets are either made through the subchannel itself or its affiliates. Understandably, the prices will vary based on reach, frequency, time slot and other related matters. The digital ads are typically created through full-service TV commercial production companies like ours as part of stand alone or multifaceted advertising campaigns.

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