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TV AD Production: A Simple Guide

TV AD Production: A Simple Guide

TV AD Production: A Simple GuideTV ads have been around since the 1940s. They are a way of advertising businesses where publicists pay for and produce ideas developed precisely for television. TV ads aim to channel a brand’s message, boost sales for a business, and popularize a product. In this guide, we unpack TV advertisements.

Types of TV Ads

Various kinds of TV Ads are listed below:

1. The Unique Personality Property (USP) ads

2. The solve the problem Ads

3. The analogy ads

4. Before and after ads

5. Exemplary ads

6. Testimonial ads

7. Celebrity or character support ads

Production Of TV Ads

The process of producing television ads is straightforward. It involves four phases;

1. Creative consultation

2. Pre-production

3. Production

4. Post-production.

During creative consultation, an advertising company talks to a client about what the client wants to say in the advertisement. The company writes down all the essential points and pitches the proposals to the client. After agreeing on what works, they work on the pre-production phase.

The pre-production phase involves location scouting, scripting, casting, prop selection, equipment and crewing needs. The following step, the production, is when a director coordinates the actual filming. Lastly, the post-production stage involves editing and exportation of the television advertisement.

Advantages of TV Advertisements

Televisions continue to be the dominant electronic device in most households despite the internet’s reputation. Some of the benefits of advertising your business on television include:

1. Television ads get to a large number of viewers in a short time.

2. TV ads allow you to be productive in your business by being creative.

3. Television ads let you channel your message with sound, sight, and motion granting your brand instant credibility.

4. TV ads reach people when they are the most attentive.

5. When TV ads are done well, they can be persuasive and evoke emotional connections.

6. Advertising your business on TV helps attract loyal viewers as brand trust is maintained.

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