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Top Video Marketing Trends You Want to Consider in 2021

Top Video Marketing Trends You Want to Consider in 2021As an entrepreneur, you stand higher chances of staying above the competition by perfecting your marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy will help you stay focused on achieving your business goals. In 2021, however, if you are thinking of the usual posters and physical outreaches, then you have something else coming. According to recent statistics, more than 90% of marketers prefer to use video for product marketing.

Moreover, consumers have shown an increased preference for video advertisements, calling for a change of strategy. Technology is changing by the second and top entrepreneurs know enough to move with the flow. Here are four video marketing trends you want to consider as an entrepreneur in 2021.

1.      Entrepreneurs are Continually Embracing Video Marketing Strategy

The year 2021 has seen a phenomenal increase in the adoption of video marketing by entrepreneurs. To put this into perspective, video marketing has increased by about 13% since 2019 and may register higher numbers in the future.

What’s more, more than 90% of the entrepreneurs who use video marketing intend to continue using the strategy.  To keep up, you get in touch with a reputable video production company to help you improve your marketing strategy by adopting or updating your video marketing strategy.

2.      Video Marketing has Proved to Be More Profitable

Entrepreneurs that use video marketing has attested to reaping from the strategy. 90% of these entrepreneurs associate their adoption of Video marketing strategy with huge returns on investment in the form of increased conversion and referrals.

3.      Shoppable Videos are on the Rise

In 2021, entrepreneurs have also taken a notable interest in shoppable videos. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have purchase links embedded in video advertisements. Customers no longer have to search for your advertised products elsewhere and only have to use the links provided.

4.      User Generated Videos are Also Increasing

User generated video content has also increased phenomenally this year. Entrepreneurs have recognized the effectiveness of user-generated content in video marketing strategy and are making a huge investment in the segment. Statistics reveal that user-generated videos increase the chances of consumers purchasing your products and making referrals by more than 100%.

Top entrepreneurs know the importance of understanding the latest trends and using these to stay on top of the game. This year, working on your video marketing is the best way to get to the top and stay there. Vistamax offers a great corporate video production service that will help you get fantastic conversion from your advertising. Contact us to get started.