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Top 4 Reasons You Need Video Production Florida

Top 4 Reasons You Need Video Production Florida2015 industry survey of more than 350 marketing and business professionals made one thing clear; 96% of organizations engage in video content marketing. An effective video production campaign is the foundation of a successful video marketing strategy.

The following are some of the reasons your company needs video production Florida:

Video is a higher performer

Videos increase performance rates of marketing and sales tools. By having high-quality videos to represent your company, you will enjoy performance successes in terms of sales, SEO etc. For instance, adding a video to your landing page increases chances of being ranked on Google’s first page by 53%. Additionally, product video, such as those used by Zappos, drive up purchases by roughly 30%.

Mobile users prefer video

Since 2011 to date, YouTube views on mobile gadgets have risen from 6% to over 50%. Moreover, the number of hours people spend watching videos on their mobile devices rises 100% every year. From browsing, and education, to shopping, mobile use is quickly overtaking desktop use. Video is right at the center of all that activity.

Is your target demographic specific, such as for Millennials? If yes, then mobile video consumption is the number way to reach them.

Videos are Effective at Building Greater Brand Recognition

Naturally, humans are visual creatures. Compared to reading a huge block of text, most people would rather watch short videos. By coming up with a dynamic and eye-catching video production, your business will be able to stand out from other advertisements and companies. With relevant tags and keywords, corporate videos can enhance your SEO thus enabling you to reach a wider target audience.

Videos inspire action

Each viewer is a prospective customer. Therefore, when creating videos, you must give each one of them clear reasons to visit or contact your business. Because call to action is what drives production, you must always make it count. Chances are high that consumers will likely make a purchase or seek additional information regarding a product/service after watching a promotional video. Additionally, customers tend to retain the information contained in a video longer compared to if they read a written advertisement.

In summary …

Creativity and strategy unite to create pieces of video content that’ll prompt positive reactions from viewers. By working with the right video production company, you’ll be able to reap not only the above benefits but also so much more.

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