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Three Reasons You Need a Business Video Production Strategy

Three Reasons You Need a Business Video Production Strategy

Three Reasons You Need a Business Video Production StrategyWe don’t need to convince you that video matters. As a consumer, you are already watching video online which informs your purchase decisions, inspires your lifestyle, and entertains you. As a business owner, you have seen the statistics on video marketing. Perhaps you’ve already made some videos for your business and they have helped to expand your social reach. If so, good for you!

Anyone who has tried to create videos for their business knows that the video production process is more complex than it seems. Anyone who hasn’t tried to make videos has probably hesitated because of these same challenges. Business video needs to be professional, polished, and tethered to a sensible strategy. Just making random videos and hitting “publish” isn’t enough – you need to plan, produce, and promote your videos with a proven strategy at the helm.

Below, we’ve detailed the three biggest reasons that you need a business video production strategy this year:

1. To Earn (and Keep) Customer Attention

On average, every adult internet user is watching over one hour of online video per day. This quantity is higher for teens and children. Because we are in an age of low-focus, high-consumption attention share, video allows us to stay top of mind. Your videos can tell a story in images, words, and audio to make sure to reach every type of watcher and listener. Your videos can help break up a social feed or stop your audience in their tracks. But, there’s a caveat – without a production strategy, your videos might disappoint and deter customers once you have their attention. This is why a strategy – and professional support – is key.

2. To Rank in Search

There are a few ways in which video can support your SEO efforts. First, YouTube is its own search engine. If you don’t have videos on YouTube, you’re missing out on showing up for searches performed on the platform. Perhaps more importantly, Google owns YouTube and favors video in search results. This means that without video, you’re missing out on a key Google ranking factor and could be buried in search by competitors who do have video. Finally, when you embed YouTube videos back onto your website, you’re giving site visitors more to engage with. The longer visitors engage on your site, you’ll earn higher Time on Page and lower Bounce Rate statistics — factors that also impact your search rankings. While any video is better than none, your videos will have a better chance to perform if they are well-optimized. Videos published with no regard for keywords, metadata, or other optimizations, will cause you to miss ripe opportunities for better rankings and return. For this reason, every video should have an optimization strategy.

3. To Tell Your Story, Your Way

One of the most disappointing things about the recent influx of branded video is the lack of creativity in some business videos. The belief that more technical or “dry” industries should not – or cannot – develop creative and captivating video, is simply false.  The belief that B2B video should be dull, overly direct, or sales-focused is misguided. While professionalism still reigns supreme – especially in certain industries – video is a chance to tell your story, captivate your customer, and compel him to engage further. Merely copying your competitor’s dry, business-conference style whiteboard video won’t cut it. Customers today want authenticity; they want to see behind the scenes, know your brand intimately, and understand the “why” behind what you want them to buy. Not all videos are created equally – a business video production strategy would better inform your storytelling with thoughtful outlines, storyboards, and plans for production.

Ultimately, the opportunities for video marketing are vast and open, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To capitalize on everything video marketing has to offer, you will need a business video production strategy that considers your brand, your story, and your avenues for promotion and growth. Work with a video production company that digs deep at every step of the process to help your videos take flight. Contact us today to learn more.