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The Best Video Crews Are in Tampa Bay, Florida

The Best Video Crews Are in Tampa Bay, Florida

Face it: any video production, whether it’s a commercial, infomercial, corporate training video, or documentary, is going to be only as good as the crew that shoots it. If you have poor raw footage to begin with, even the best post-production services won’t make it great.

That’s why you want a crew that’s staffed with experienced professionals to shoot your business video production. At Vistamax, the production process of your video starts long before the cameras roll. It begins with pre-production planning that takes your priorities and wraps them in an audio-visual concept that will deliver your message in an effective, memorable manner. This encompasses the scriptwriting, location scouting, and casting. Meanwhile, we schedule every phase of the process to make sure this production happens within your budget.

When our high-definition cameras take to the beaches, the forests, the luxury hotels, or the studios, our gifted directors oversee every detail to complete the picture, assisted by an army of technical talents: set designers, stylists, makeup artists, gaffers, grips—all to make sure that the images and dialogue convey just the right tone for your video.

That dedication extends to our post-production services, where sound effects, music, narration and animation are added as needed to complete the total effect. To make sure you’re happy with the final product, we invite you to supervise the whole post-production process.

Vistamax has been producing videos for small businesses and large corporations alike since 1997. Our clients include:

  • Microsoft
  • Animal Planet
  • Busch Gardens
  • University of South Florida
  • Verizon Wireless
  • The Walt Disney Company, and many more.

Ready to look into the advantages of a television production company in Florida? Contact us to put our experienced video production crews to work for you today.