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Television Advertising: One Part of a Pervasive, Modern Campaign

Television Advertising: One Part of a Pervasive, Modern Campaign

Television Advertising: One Part of a Pervasive, Modern CampaignNew television advertising statistics were released in early June 2015. Did you happen to read them? We did. Compiled by MarketShare, they were published online in Ad Week. Not totally unexpected, they showed that the medium’s ability to provide an excellent return on investment remains noteworthy.

They also hinted at ways others have been combining television advertising with additional options to secure a winning hand, which brings us to Facebook. They made an announcement of their own in June 2015 that also made its way into Ad Week. It seems that they’ll now be offering Florida video crews and others opportunities to show off their wares on site.

It’s just another step in making all of the amazing, and not so amazing, online content out there more mobile friendly. And that’s not all, some of these new advertising opportunities are designed to be fully integrated and organically reach across other platforms. Examples include combining live streaming and television advertising with social and e-mail. So what does all of that mean for Vistamax® Productions’ customers?

It’s time to work with us on creating stunning content that can transcend the traditional confines of television advertising and blend seamlessly with all of the current and emerging opportunities out there. For example, we can assist with multi-camera live entertainment. Our expertise in that area includes live-show video enhancement. So advertisers could schedule their events to air on FB and Meerkat with confidence.

A snippet of that live show can also be captured and later worked into a mobile video ad that makes allowances for instant viewer interaction. Stills from the same event could be used in public relations’ stunts, further advertising efforts and marketing giveaways (e.g. photos on mugs). To learn more about using all of our production services to create pervasive campaigns, please contact us at Vistamax® Productions today 813-907-1010.