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Television Advertising: Are You a Stegosaurus or a Trend Setter?

Television Advertising: Are You a Stegosaurus or a Trend Setter?

Television Advertising: Are You a Stegosaurus or a Trend Setter?On one hand, people are ringing the death knell of television advertising as we know it. On the other, advertisers continue to sink millions of dollars in securing premium air time. And that goes for all of the major companies that broadcast during Super Bowl 50. As Fortune magazine reporter, Kurt Badenhausen, reported post-game, many of those companies paid dearly for 30-second spots. They’re the same type of spots some claim are virtually obsolete.

So which is it? Are 30-second spots as relevant as stegosaurus or not? It has been our experience that in television advertising, never say never. Consumers’ fancies change often. Thus interest in any type of spot is likely to wax and wane over the years. And the types of spots offered are obviously going to change too. Therefore the best companies can do is try and stay ahead of the times. That was true when television first went on to the air and it is the same today.

And how does one stay ahead? Keeping track of trends is helpful. Why? Oftentimes, items that were hot decades ago tend to come back with a vengeance. Plus when put into context with other environmental factors, they give a good indication of where consumers’ mindsets are likely to be in the near or distance future. For instance, who could forget the neon clothes of the 80s? They made a brief comeback in 2014.

At Vistamax Productions, we excel in helping television advertisers stay ahead. Accordingly, we have the ability to produce messages that fit any audiovisual medium and its respective time frame perfectly. We can also go beyond the messaging and focus on pure entertainment. Examples include aiding with sitcom, documentary and concert live streaming or pre-recorded broadcasts.

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