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Tampa Commercial Production Co. Can Help with Natl. Golf Month Promotions

Tampa Commercial Production Co. Can Help with Natl. Golf Month Promotions

Tampa Commercial Production Co. Can Help with Natl. Golf Month Promotions Marketing the sport of golf and golf related items to Millennials can be tough these days. Thus, it never hurts to take advantage of promotional opportunities when they present themselves. That’s why many golf courses, pro shops and others are piggybacking their efforts on widespread events like National Golf Month. This year the event will take place in May and our Tampa commercial production company can help interested parties prepare for its arrival.

The National Golf Foundation’s breakdown of how the demographics of the sport have shifted over the years is very telling. There use to be a perception among marketers that the majority of spend-heavy golfers were older men holding down white-collar jobs. That’s no longer the case. There are actually several viable target markets, including middle-aged women and Millennials. As such, commercial production activities must reflect that wholeheartedly. For excellent examples of what golf ads should look like, check out the spots we did for companies like the following:

  • Golf Knickers
  • Perfect Link
  • Izzo Golf
  • X-Tee
  • Teego
  • Black Titainium

As you can see, they are targeting more than just white-collar men in business suits. Women, middle-aged people in general and Millennials are part of the focus too. The good news is we can create affordable, golf commercials with similar appeal for other golf industry members upon request. Our Tampa commercial production team can pack up and head to a particular golf course, pro shop or other location and film on site. Plus we have excellent relationships with beautiful area golfcousres & we can shoot year round here in sunny Florida.

Addionally, our studio is outfitted with green screens and additional items needed to pull off the perfect golf commercials. We can use studio magic to create the ideal backdrop for any golf related products. To learn more about commissioning our Tampa commercial production company to help create the best golf related ad campaign ever, please contact us online today or call us at 813-907-1010.