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Post Production Services in Tampa Bay, Florida

Post Production Services in Tampa Bay, Florida

Many experienced filmmakers and videographers regard the post production phase as the most critical part of the whole video process. “Post production” includes everything that is done to a video once all the filming is completed. For your company’s project with Vistamax, this involves:

  • Editing—putting scenes in the most effective order and trimming the whole video to the required length
  • Soundtrack—recording or procuring the voice-over and music; editing it to synchronize with the visuals for greatest impact; adding and mixing special sound effects via state-of-the-art audio equipment
  • Special effects or animation—using computer-generated imagery or professionally rendered corporate images that match your marketing materials
  • Finishing and output—color grading, releasing the video in formats you prefer, whether high definition, standard definition, or web friendly.

When you have Tampa Bay-based Vistamax producing your corporate video production—whether it’s a TV show, commercial, infomercial, or training video–our post-production team welcomes you to sit in on our editing sessions to provide instant feedback. If you can’t join us, you can still monitor our work via secure online screenings. We’re not done until you are completely satisfied with the look, sound and content of what you see.

What do our clients think about our productions? Here are just a few comments from repeat customers:

  • “Their commercials have produced well over $650 million in revenue for us.” Mike Getlin, Merit Financial
  • “Vistamax knows how to make the phones ring, their production values are excellent and their pricing is super competitive.” Mike Boggs, ULE Media
  • “[Vistamax is] a production company that truly has a creative vision, and understands the advertising business, budgets, concepts, schedules, the entire production process.” Mark Holt, Evok Advertising

So wherever you’re located, go to the professionals in Tampa Bay, Florida, for the best in video production services. Contact Vistamax for a quote on your project today.