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Infomercial Production: What Should Be Your Appropriate Setting?

Infomercial Production: What Should Be Your Appropriate Setting?

Infomercial production requires a lot of detailed thought before pitching your product to a targeted audience. While it’s always a good idea to create something eye-catching that diverts from standard infomercial format, your production location is going to play a big part. Where should your infomercial be done to provide a different environment from the usual? Or should you stick with a more traditional format with a proven track record of success?

Let’s take a look at the options and which ones might be most appropriate for your own infomercial.

A Studio with an Audience

Many infomercials have used this format, especially for products helping to prepare food. That’s because audience reaction in a live studio setting can truly help sell a product. And while some of those reactions might be hired people to react enthusiastically, it can create a true energy you can’t find anywhere else. The only problem is you’ll have to pay people to attend. Regardless, giving them all a free version of your product would likely be an acceptable alternative in exchange for testimonials you can use later.

Use this format only if you have a product that has the potential for plenty of compelling demonstrations.

A Studio Without an Audience

If you’ll be introducing a product that requires pre-taped clips, you may just want a studio set or virtual set where the hosts can do their introductions. There, you’ll see the hosts standing on the set with cutaways to clips of segments, demonstartions, and customer testimonials.

Perhaps the segments have been filmed in other locations and only need to produce intros to those segments. A studio with a simple set can be a great cost-cutting move. Just be sure to have an engaging script to entice people to keep watching.

Shooting on Location

Sometimes a certain product would lend well to shooting on location in a real kitchen or garage. While this requires moving production equipment into a specific location, money could be saved doing the product in a home if it’s possible. If you have an attractive kitchen, a kitchen product could easily be demonstrated there. The same could work for a workshop tool and using a garage as an appropriate setting.

Going this route also helps save money in building a makeshift kitchen or garage set in a studio.

Should You Film Outside?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to film outside, even though weather can be an issue. Any outdoor setting should avoid inclement weather or in places where a wind could affect hair styles and clothing. Incidents like the above could result in numerous takes and costing more money. Nevertheless, a product related to lawns or gardens could be easily done as long as it’s done on private property, or with film permits. Becuase of our location in central Florida, outside filming is done year round.

Here at Vistamax, we can produce any of the above settings for you with an expert team and with quality production equipment. We’re here to assure your infomercial turns out exactly the way you plan it and with production values that show your professionalism.

Contact us about your infomercial project and we’ll put our creative team to work on it immediately. With over a decade of experience working with companies worldwide, you’ll be glad you came to us to get the message out about your products.