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How to Make a TV Advertisement Eye-Catching While Telling a Story

How to Make a TV Advertisement Eye-Catching While Telling a StoryWhat do you look for in an effective TV advertisement? Chances are the advertisements that catch your eye are the same ones that will catch the eyes of others as well. So put yourself in the place of the customer who will be viewing the advertisement, and try to figure out what will appeal to them. This will help you to figure out how to come up with an effective TV advertisement. Here are some of the things people usually look for in an advertisement:


A TV advertisement has to be eye-catching. This could mean a number of different things. Maybe the advertisement could be eye-catching because it’s really colorful. Or it might be eye-catching because of its catchy jingle (technically, would that make it ear-catching?) Or maybe it’s eye-catching because it features some beautiful scenery? Maybe the models it features are also eye-catching themselves?

The point is that a number of different images and sounds go into the making of the advertisement. There has to be something special about these images and sounds that attracts the eye or the ear. There’s not much time devoted to a TV advertisement. It’s over in a matter of seconds. So you have to make sure that each image or sound is somehow special and will remain with the customer.


Storytelling is also an important part of TV ad production. Sometimes, even if the images and sounds are not very striking, you can still create a great TV ad by telling a great story.

Stories are of different types. But they all have to feature the product in some way and tell the customer how using the product benefited someone in some way.

But the important part of telling a story is that it should not seem didactic. You don’t want to tell the customer to do something. You just want to show them how something might benefit them. Telling someone to do something is a sure way of getting them to not want to do it. This is why story-writers always say, “show, don’t tell.”

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