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History of Television Advertising

History of Television Advertising

Although originally reserved for the wealthy and well-to-do, televisions quickly became an item found in just about every household. In the early days of television advertising, high costs precluded smaller companies from taking part in this now common marketing medium. As TVs became more accessible, so did TV commercials. As the years progressed, commercials became an option for smaller, local companies as well as large multi-national corporations.

Television Advertising: Then and Now

In the 1950s, television advertising was an integral part of viewership. Large companies sponsored popular shows, paving the way for such iconic television moments as the “I Love Lucy” Vitameatavegamin, which was a classic spoof of these sponsorships. As advertising evolved, commercials became more diverse, giving viewers access to dozens of unique advertisements during any given show.

Today, small and large businesses alike consider television advertising to be a staple of a successful marketing strategy. Contact Vistamax Productions for more information about the TV advertising options they provide.