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Get Your Advertising ROI with a Florida Video Production Company

Get Your Advertising ROI with a Florida Video Production Company

In a review of advertising ROI studies from the fourth quarter of 2012, the author of this article finds that “Increasing evidence from various studies and reports indicate that online video is a compliment to TV versus a replacement when it comes to advertising and branding efforts.” While there are conflicting studies as to whether television advertising is as effective as online advertising in delivering a return on investment, one fact is clear: “The proven use of sight, sound, and motion in the TV world is quickly becoming the preferred method of choice online as well.”

So, wherever the advertisement is aired, its ROI depends on its effectiveness in conveying the advertiser’s message via sight and sound. With the technology available today, almost anyone can make a video; but making an effective video requires more than cutting-edge equipment—It requires experience and skill honed over years of working with film.

Florida-based Vistamax is an award-winning producer of quality videos for advertisement, instruction, and entertainment. We create:

  • Photography shoots that capture the essence of your message in an image;
  • Corporate videos that enlighten and engage;
  • TV Commercials that compel attention;
  • Infomercials, both short form and long form, that tell a story;
  • Live Entertainment with multiple cameras and video enhancement;
  • Animation and Graphic Design that bring your message to life; and
  • Documentary Productions that grip the viewers with the power of your story.

For more than a decade, Vistamax has been delivering quality video productions to clients around the country and around the world. We have what it takes to see that your project is accomplished to your satisfaction, on time and on budget.

Glance through our portfolio of past projects, or look through all the stages of the production process, and you’ll see the workings of a video production company that is determined to earn your repeat business with a solid ROI. Contact us to get started on your project today.