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Florida Video Production Team Shares Axis Points’ Ability to Guide Audiences

Florida video productionFlorida Video Production Team Shares Axis Points’ Ability to Guide Audiences often requires a complex set of camera motions to create the best products. As such, our camera crew is well versed in classic maneuvers as well as the trendy. That said, among the most used movements are those that involve axis points. Axial points may be more than you think. For example, in regards to Florida video production, they points don’t necessarily involve symmetrical shapes or alliances. They could very well refer to points on the body or on the horizon.

Why are axis points so crucial to what Florida video crews do? Simply put, they help them expertly frame shots, which greatly impacts how a production is viewed overall. As you can well expect, some axis points are found along vertical lines and others favor horizontal orientation. There is also one called the Z-axis. It is frequently taken into consideration when scenes require camera operators to zoom in or out on talents’ faces.

However, it also factors into action scenes like the ones all throughout The Blair Witch Project. Why action scenes? Honestly, it’s because using the focal point and related techniques gives the illusion of motion. Remember those scenes where the characters are talking into the camera and running or shaking in fear? Well, their dramatic impact partially relies on the camera person’s chosen axis points to convey fear-induced tremors etcetera.

Of course axis points help Florida video production crews do more than show movement. They are also capable of foreshadowing important events and sharing the characters’ viewpoints with audiences. For instance, let’s say a character is about to be bonked on the head with a bowling ball. The bowling ball starts out on a shelf, which could be the focus of a shot. As the camera is trained on the ball, the characters make reference to fate and then whamo! The camera person suddenly switches axis points to show the ball hitting one of the characters’ noggins. Acute viewers may have suspected that would happen based on the camera’s earlier focus.

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