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Florida Video Production Team Discusses Recent Tax Credit News

Florida Video Production Team Discusses Recent Tax Credit News

In mid September 2013, a trickle of production related, tax credit stories started to make their way into the Sunshine State’s major news feeds. Understandably, members of our Florida video production team made it a point to read beyond the headlines.

Several of the September 2013 stories focused on one of Electronic Arts’ latest video games, Madden 25. Others centered on the wind-down of the hit television show,Burn Notice. However, what both stories had in common was references to Florida’s tax credits program.

Florida’s tax credits for the film and television industry have actually been making headlines long before September 2013. However, the earlier ones debated the potential repercussions of a May 2013 legislative move that failed to re-establish the state’s incentive program. At the time, many Floridians were hoping for the best outcome but fearing the worse.

The fall headlines, on the other hand, indicate that Florida’s tax credits program has been given new life. That new life is partially caused by the cancellation and subsequent freeing of tax credits once promised to others. To date, the big winner in that regard has been video game manufacturer, Electronic Arts. They are presently slated to receive more than $12 million dollars in tax credits as a result of producing several video games within the state. One of those video games is Madden 25.

Rumor also has it that additional video game manufacturers and others are likely to follow suit. If that is the case, our Florida video production team is poised to provide top-notch assistance. That’s because in addition to extensive television and film production, our Vistamax team is adept at producing motion graphics and animation.

To learn more about how our Florida video production team can help businesses looking to take advantage of the state’s current tax credits, please contact us at (813) 907-1010.